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Your story should be the heart and soul of your film. I want your film to be meaningful and valuable, not just today, but in 20 years as well.

Wedding Embrace


Highlights Only

Prices available on request

The highlight video captures the defining moments that make your wedding day so special. I film for the whole day from bridal preparation up to the end of the first dance.

As this package is for the highlight film only it gives me greater emphasis on capturing the emotion of your day, in a creative and relaxed way.

  • 1 - 2 Videographers

  • Bride/Groom, Celebrant &/or Speech Dialogue

  • 5 - 10 minute approx. runtime (dependant on length of chosen music)

  • Ideal for Social Media sharing



Prices available on request

The Ceremony. The focal point of your special day.

Once all your guests are seated it's time for the show to begin. Your once-in-a-lifetime moment will be captured on film without you even knowing I'm there.

  • 1 Videographer

  • Registrar Ceremony 20 mins approx. runtime

  • Church Ceremony 40 mins approx. runtime

Bride and Groom Speech.jpg



Prices available on request

The story of your day continues with the speeches everyone's been waiting for. Laughter, romance & tears of happiness. I will capture every moment of emotion and each tale to be told. The stories of your wedding party will never need be forgotten, but chersihed, heard and viewed for many years to come.

  • 1 Videographer

  • Full Ceremony

  • Full Speeches 20 mins approx. runtime

  • (Registrar Ceremony) 20 mins approx. runtime

  • (Church Ceremony) 40 mins approx. runtime



Prices available on request

The Full Feature is the most popular with my clients.


This film features every defining moment of your day, from bridal prep, to first dance and even the party atmosphere of the evening. Your wedding day is a story and I film it's chapters with care, creativity and love. The day can pass by so quickly that you may miss moments and details. I will capture all of those moments, both small and epic, for you to cherish and share forever.

  • 1-2 Videographers

  • Highlight Film

  • Bride &/or Groom Prep (For Highlight Film)

  • Full Ceremony

  • Full Speeches

  • First Dance

  • 1 Hour +  approx. runtime



Platinum +

Prices available on request

Every story has a first chapter, and you can start yours at the very beginning. Filmed at the locations of your choice and using cinematic storytelling, this film will capture the tale of how you met, along with your proposal story, to compliment your photographers pre-wedding shoot. 

If you have ever been asked "When did you meet?" or"How did you propose?"  Then this Platinum+ Package is the perfect document of your new chapter.

  • 1 Videographer

  • Engagement Story: 5-10 mins approx. runtime*

  • Extended Highlight Film

  • Bride/Groom Prep (For Highlight Film), Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance

  • 1.5 Hour +  approx. runtime

* Engagement Story also available as a standalone package.

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